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360° Immersion


Global Reach

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360° Immersion
Global Reach
High Brand Recall

Be open for business always with Exhibit 360 - our virtual exhibition booth solution for you

Generate new business opportunities by offering your customers an experience that is as interactive as a live exhibition. Use Exhibit 360 to present your brand and your products in an immersive 3D environment that can be accessed by your customers anytime, from anywhere, using any device.

By building a virtual exhibition booth, your customers can:

We create an unparalleled experience for you and your
customers. All you have to do is tell us what you need and
we’ll take it from there.

We gather and understand the requirements and objectives for your virtual stall

We conceptualize a visually appealing 3D Virtual Stall Design based on your inputs and requirements

We create all the content you need for your virtual stall, including text, graphics, visuals and sounds

We design a fluidic, intuitive and 360° immersive User Interface and User Experience for your virtual stall, optimized for desktop as well as mobile

We develop the application with all the features you need and then host it online for the visitors to access

We help you amplify your reach by promoting it to existing and new customers via email marketing, social media and other platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual exhibition booth?
We create a custom Interactive and Immersive Exhibition Booth in a virtual environment that your customers can visit from their computer or mobile devices. The visitors can open the virtual booth on a web browser on their computer with an internet connection. This doesn't need any additional software.
How is a Virtual Booth different from a website?
A virtual booth is a 3D 360° environment, allowing the visitors to interact, engage and browse information about your company and its products and services compared to a standard website which is 2D and static.
What is Exhibit 360?
Exhibit 360 is a virtual exhibition booth solution we offer to businesses that want a bespoke, branded virtual exhibition booth or similar virtual environments like virtual labs, showrooms, and factory floors to attract, engage, and inform their customers.
Can you integrate a virtual booth on my website?
Yes, we can integrate a custom virtual booth on your existing website.
How do I measure the ROI on my virtual stall?
You can measure the ROI from the number of visits on the virtual booth page, number of engagements, enquiries through live chat, inbound enquiries, download of collaterals, stay-time on the virtual stall, and consequent offline interactions.
How can I showcase products that are raw materials or other things that cannot be visually displayed in my virtual stall?
Having worked with clients from different industries, we can understand how your products are processed by your customers. We can accordingly suggest how to show the end result or the final outcome derived from your product, just like we did for Huntsman at a live event, where the product was Polyurethane. We can highlight the benefits derived from using your product as a raw material in the virtual stall.
Can we use an existing booth design as a virtual booth?
Yes, we can utilise your existing booth design to create a virtual stall. All you have to do is share the 3D file with us. We can adapt and develop it for your virtual stall. This method will be quicker and cost-effective.
Can we install the Virtual booth on our server?
The Virtual booth can either be hosted on Blues N Coppers server or the client’s server depending on the client's preference.
For how long will you provide support for the virtual booth?
We will provide 6 months of free technical support on the virtual stall. We can provide an AMC service on completion of the 6 months. Any updates or changes will be considered as additional work scope and would be charged as per the requirement.
Will my virtual booth be accessible on all devices?
Yes, we can create a mobile-optimized version of your virtual exhibition stall, making it accessible on all devices. The mobile-optimized version will have its UI and UX tailored for a seamless experience. However, a virtual environment is best experienced on a large screen.
Would this be a temporary virtual booth or a long-term one?
We can host the virtual booth for as long as you wish. There is no limit to the number of days you can host the virtual booth online. You can decide on the time period based on your goals and objectives.

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